In an effort to continue open communication with insurers, the Ontario College of Osteopathic Rehabilitation Sciences (OCORS) has begun a telephone support program for insurers’ policy development and claims staff. Staff members in our Insurance Relations Department make periodic contact with insurance representatives to discuss concerns regarding manual osteopathy claims and to share any new OCORS resources. Our goal is to simplify and expedite the manual osteopathy claims process for the insurance industry in Ontario and to protect the patients & insurers by preventing fraud.

OCORS is mandated with the task of licensing manual osteopaths in Ontario. OCORS only licenses manual osteopaths who have graduated from a CMOE accredited manual osteopathic educational program of over 4200 hours (3 to 4 years) that is World Health Organization compliant, and who have successfully passed board exams administered by OCORS. The OCORS registered manual osteopaths must adhere to the code of ethics and the clinical guidelines established by OCORS with heavy emphasis on fraud prevention. OCORS has a disciplinary process and complaints can be registered against OCORS members by the insurers.

A list of all OCORS registered members is available to the Ontario insurance industry, managed care organizations, third party payers, & Workers’ Safety & Insurance Boards (WSIB). All MVA insurance adjusters, EHP claims managers and WSIB case workers are more than welcome to check with OCORS in regards to the validity of the license number submitted for manual osteopathy billing by any manual osteopath submitting a claim.

The Ontario College of Osteopathic Rehabilitation Sciences is committed to work with all Ontario insurers (including workers’ compensation, auto insurers and extended health pl an providers among others) to help them compensate for manual osteopathy services that are standard and medically necessary. As such insurers can rest assured that any member of OCORS follows the code of ethics and standard business practices established by OCORS.

Insurers should note that rendering a medical diagnosis and performing spinal and joints manipulative therapy are controlled acts in the province of Ontario and only regulated health professional such as physicians, surgeons and doctors of chiropractic may render a medical diagnosis or perform manipulations. OCORS registered manual osteopaths follow the health rules and regulations established by the authorities in Ontario. Insurers can rest assured OCORS members refrains from rendering a medical diagnosis and will not perform spinal or joint manipulation. Instead they limit their practice only to treatment and management of conditions associated with disorders of muscle s, bones, nerves and joints. OCORS members only use scientific, researched proven manual osteopathy techniques such as soft tissue therapy, muscle energy technique, therapeutic exercises, and osteo-articular joint mobilization.